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Handbags & Shoes
We use specialty handbag cleaning techniques. 
Our process focuses on mixing oils to restore the color in your handbag to leave it looking healthy, moisturized and like new. 
Leather and suede handbags are particularly susceptible to staining, 
and our revitalization experts have the skill to spot treat these luxurious skins.
With everyday use, leather bags tend to lose their color, shine and freshness. 
Canvas and cloth bags also tend to get grubby over time.
We have lining fabrics, metal trims and leathers of numerous qualities & colors on stock. 
We thus offer all kinds of repair & replacement solutions for your beloved handbags, travel bags, wallets, belts etc.

Dirt & Dust 
Dye Transfer
Grease/ Oil Stains
Mold & Mildew