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Leather, Suede and Fur
Our innovative and pioneered processes for cleaning leather and suede will ensure the very best results. 
Each skin or hide has its own individual characteristics – much like the fingerprints on a human hand. 
Tanning and color applications can obscure many of the potential flaws, such as bruises, shaded areas, wrinkles, vein marks, etc.
Leather and suede apparels are fashionable materials. 
Your Leather Jacket or coat require knowledgeable cleaning to keep them looking and feeling great. 
We use experienced, certified leather care experts to clean and care for your leather and suede apparels.
Our Fur Cleaning Service is one of the easiest ways to keep your fur looking beautiful. 
Fur Cleaning is a simple and effective way to maintain your fur’s appearance for years to come.
Leather and suede are often among your most expensive garments. 
That’s why specialized care is given to retain the supple beauty of your leathers and the subtle, soft nap of your suedes that you treasure