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How do I get started with dry cleaning delivery?
You can sign-up for home delivery on our website. 
Once you’re signed up for dry cleaning delivery, just click on "pickup” and pick the date that you would like pickup. 
Then place your clothes in a bag outside your front door or at your apartment’s front office. 
We will pick your clothes up the next day and return them on your selected delivery date.
What is your delivery minimum?
The delivery service is free and requires a $30 minimum order.
How do I confirm what you pick up? 
We will send you an email or text once you just placed an order, at which point you can view your activity from the "My Account" page. 
What types of payment do you accept? 
We accept all forms of major credit and debit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.
Business (i.e. corporate, government) accounts, check and cash payment options may be available. 
What is dry Cleaning?
Traditional dry cleaning uses a chemical solvent to clean your clothes.  
The process is similar to washing your clothes at home in the same sense that the solvent comes into the washing machine in place of water, 
a soap is add, the clothes tumble, extracted and dried all in the same unit.  
The difference is that the machine is much larger, there is no rinse cycle and all the dirty solvent is filtered then reused.
Does dry cleaning shrink clothes?
No. The dry cleaning process is carefully controlled by professional cleaners. 
Excessive shrinkage is usually caused by improper preshrinking by the manufacturer.
What are the differences between Wash and Fold, Dry Cleaning, Laundered & Pressed?
Wash and Fold
Wash and fold is your basic service.
Your laundry is washed in a commercial washing machine and tumble dried in a commercial dryer then folded before it is returned to you nice and clean.
This service is charged by the pound with the exception of items (like a comforter) that take up an entire washing machine or dryer. Garments are not ironed.

Dry Cleaning
Clothes are inspected, treated for stains then immersed and cleaned with a water-free chemical solvent. Clothes are gently agitated in the solvent to cause the soils to loosen.
Then garments are either steamed or pressed to remove winkles. Items are then hung.

Laundered & Pressed (select Dry Cleaning)
Your garments are washed in a commercial washing machine and pressed (or ironed) while wet which creates a crisper finish. Items are then hung.
Please let us know via "Special Instructions" if you'd like starch.

How do I prepare for my first pickup?
I don’t have a bag to put my dirty clothes in.
You can put your dirty clothes in a disposable bag. 
After cleaning your garments, we will return them along with a new Pressed laundry bag that can be reused for your next order. 
You will get one bag for dry cleaning/ laundry and another for wash and fold.